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badg Next Meeting:

badg will be meeting next on Saturday 14 July 2018,   

2:00 pm until 4:00 pm at the City Centres               

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery Chamberlain Square, Birmingham B3 3DH.The meeting will take place in the Art Classroom basement level.                                                                                                                                             badg: Contact Details.                       

Key Contact: William Ford
Helpline Mobile: 0798 6054301 

Who are badg?

badg is a self-help user led dyslexic group. It was started in the mid 1990's in Birmingham. It is probably one of the earliest and largest, longest running adult self-help groups in Europe. 

badg members meet every three months, funding permitting on Saturday between 2:00 pm. until 4:00 pm.

badg's main aims are to help Text Disabled and Dyslexics emotionally and socially. 

We are also involved in informing people of the real issues of dyslexia, which are short-term memory and the positive attributes of dyslexics and not the negatives reading, writing and arithmetic. 

We hope our website is basic however it has a stand alone screen reader to assist and help text disabled peoples  access the information.

We are also raising issues in regards to the library and its failure to provide an adequate and reasonable service.

We have over a number of years made certain suggestions and recommendations to resolve these issues and responses have not been forthcoming.

badg is also a member and affiliated to DAN – Dyslexic Adult Network

badg has also introduced its members to the BDA – British Dyslexic Association and we are also members and affiliated to this as well

badg is also been members and affiliated to other organisations in the past many have gone into liquidation and we still engage with other organisations and disability groups promoting better awareness and understanding of dyslexics and neuro diverse individuals need.

Many of badg members current and past members have gone on to hold key positions in other dyslexic organisational groups in this country and abroad many adult dyslexics provided vital help support and information to some of the largest dyslexic groups including universities to advise and consult also have engaged with research to move the issues of adult dyslexia issues further forward.

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