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Am I Dyslexic?

How can I find out if I'm dyslexic?

You can begin by looking at the free checklist to see if you have similar difficulties.

If you do?

Then you need to seek further information and advice from a professional for example your Doctor or a recognised and registered:Chartered Education Psychologist – Workplace Chartered Psychologist.

If you need a list of independent recognised psychologist email: for an impartial list last updated 2018.  

It maybe More appropriate for you to seek help and support from occupational therapist to support and help you further?

If you are working and it"s appropriate ask your line manager supervisor or occupational health - HR -  human resources  to put you forward at their cost under health and safety and risk assessment for Chartered Psychologist assessment for the workplace.

If you are unemployed and on any form of benefit asked to speak at the job centre to the disability officer and ask them to arrange to put you forward for an assessment under health and safety and risk assessment but more importantly to help you have a better chance of seeking and retaining employment Including the opportunity whilst unemployed to seek appropriate help and support including training to give you much better opportunities to be sustainable in the workplace this can often be achieved if you are forwarded to a third party – third sector organisation who have funding specifically to help you gain and be sustainable in employment.

 A Private chartered psychologist assessment can cost anything between £375 in excess of £1000 dependent on what the assessment is needed for and required to prove. 

However generally speaking in Birmingham – West Midlands – Central Region it cost between £375 up to £500 and for that you can expect to be in an assessment for at least two hours plus get a little feedback on the day followed by a full written report within 21 working days and the opportunity to talk directly to the psychologist whether that be over the phone or face-to-face. 

A word of caution and suggestion asked to be assessed for dyslexia and dyscalculia at the same time and to be provided with  a layman"s terms of what The assessment means and saying as well as the fault Chartered Psychologist assessment report for the professionals.




Checklist (based on Vinegrad's research)

Answer yes if the problem happens frequently.

1. I sometimes have to read a passage several times before I understand it.

2. When reading I sometimes miss out lines or lose my place.

3. I sometimes get the wrong word, or confuse words that are similar when I am writing.

4. I make silly spelling mistakes and on some days I can spell better than on others.

5. I have problems with sequencing, months of the year, dictionaries, telephone directories.

6. I cannot remember messages.

7. I find it difficult to follow complicated instructions.

8. I have difficulty remembering telephone numbers, birthdays, appointments.

9. I cannot get organised.

10. I mix up my left and right.

11. These problems get worse when I'm under stress

Is there a cure?                                                                                                                              NO!  It is genetic which means it runs in the family you have it for life and dependent on your social standing will depend on how much it Impax you.                                                                               If you are fortunate to get the right help and support i.e. early intervention it may impact on your day-to-day life less however if you don"t You most probably will have difficulties with interacting with other people such as parents family friends and relationships which can lead to more serious health issues.
                                                                          Is dyslexia hereditary?                                                                                                                    Yes it is Hereditary the latest research has proven that it is genetic runs in families and is increased if one or more parents have displayed difficulties or traits.
Dyslexia appears to run in families and there is increasing evidence to show that it is hereditary.

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Key Contact: William Ford
Mobile: 0798 605 4301 

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