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Birmingham Dyslexic art gallery

badg are intent on developing dyslexic art and have exhibited pieces created by its members in the Rep and Central Library.

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'Me' by William Ford

'Me' is a self -portrait of William Ford, the chairperson of badg. It is a reaction to a lifetime of frustration walking past the Central Library building and knowing that every piece of information or knowledge that I would ever need or want is in that building, and that I as a non-reader or dyslexic cannot access it. The government and local authority are making no attempt to change it even though we have laws and acts under the Disability Discrimination Act (1995). But of course I cannot access this information because the library only keeps it in text form.

I as a dyslexic try not to be prejudice or discriminatory against others, so I am having this put down in text on my behalf so that non-readers of art can understand this artwork, if it is not self-explanatory.

From right to left or clockwise, the black represents the notion of black and white, right or wrong. The grey represents the grey areas of life, the negotiation, the compromise. The brushes and the pencils hopefully represent the creative element of me. The DVD, audiocassette, and mini-disc represent the way I give and receive information. The red halo shows my frustration and anger, me screaming is an internal visualisation of me wanting to scream, rant and rave but having to present a clam and relaxed exterior. The underwater camera is me as a sub aqua diver in inner space and knowing that nobody but nobody can get me when I'm there - I am free, I am relaxed, I am clam, I can swim with the underwater, I can swim with whale sharks, dolphins, sea-lions, octopuses and cuttlefish and not one of them asks me to read and write. I realise I am the wrong species and this species can survive, expand, develop, evolve without reading and writing. The mini DVD and CD again I do underwater videoing because underwater I can multi-task.

Obviously this is a brief overview of this image, but I hope it helps

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