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Coping strategies

badg through its management team and volunteers under the guidance of William Ford has for health and well-being started Birmingham Dyslexic Art (BDArt) also it has expanded its voluntary work into the Birmingham Dyslexic Research and Resource Centre (BDR&RC)

badg has had to reduce its support since 2018 due to funding and government cut back.

badg still tries to support members and visitors through its face-to-face meetings telephone support and emails however we are no longer in a position to support to the level we once did I would like to continue but the type of help and support we used to provide see below. 

However members and visitors still have the problems and issues to overcome members and visitors were displaying and as help and support members to address their weaknesses and difficulties through self-development and their personal development plan to understand through education and then empower themselves to come up with their own solutions to their specific difficulties that lead to more efficient time management and dealing with the day-to-day issues caused by societies barrier.

We also give out face-to-face tips at our meetings which we run every 3 months due to funding and cut backs and when appropriate information in hard copy (text) and accompanied with a CD audio or PDF on CD (we will help you help yourself, not do it for you) 

For further information and suggestions please call our mobile helpline or email.

badg Office Contact Details
Key Contact: William Ford
Mobile: 0798 605 4301
Office telephone: N/A

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