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The future for Dyslexia

In 1996 William Ford made suggestions and recommendations to Birmingham Central Library. The group then had numerous workshops and debates the results of which were developed into a list of recommendations and conclusions by The management team (Trustees). I take this opportunity to say thank you to  all past Trustees, Management Team, Volunteers and Members of badg

 badg and its current chairperson William Ford with the support of volunteers and trustees with the Democratic support of its user led group has continued to petition and raise concerns with the lack of help and support from its local authority Birmingham City Council and the Birmingham City Library Services the old library and management team were unfortunately not very cooperative in implementing its moral and ethical duty including the law but more importantly failing to comply to the equality act and the UN Convention on disabled people.

Specifically article 9  under the UN Convention on disability rights in Birmingham the new Central Library is now open unfortunately the staff do not know how to use the specialised screen reader which is for blind and visually impaired the library is installed supernova which is specifically for blind and visually impaired people.

 However the largest disabled group which exceeds all other disability groups put together does not currently have any support in relationship to assistive technology or the type of software that many students have had allocated to them through the disability grant for higher education or the software which is often recommended through access to work such as Clairol read and text up gold.

 You may ask what does this mean the Government has stated that all libraries will help low-income no income individuals particularly those who claim benefits through unemployment can get help and support through library staff, this is misleading and in accurate due to the fact that the library staff are not trained in this area nor have the resources or time to give one-to-one support to Disabled (Text Disabled) individuals who are illiterate or dyslexic.

 badg has formally complained and fed back its concerned and has suggested that other software should be put on their computers and that the current software will need resources to show individuals how to use and understand what the software can and cannot do.

We will continue to highlight and drive change so that all can access the new library and all the other libraries within the Birmingham area, watch this space for updates. 

Download the recommendations and conclusions here

In late 2004, early 2005 William Ford and Stephen Duffy continued to make recommendations to the Central Library. Mid 2005 the Central Library appointed a dyslexics children's group to co-ordinate and put together the views of dyslexics. We are currently awaiting their reports and findings.

Aims and Objectives for badg

We aim to improve the lives of dyslexics in the real areas of day-to-day living.

In 1995 with the introduction of the disability act, which covered dyslexia and reasonable adjustment, badg has been endeavouring to seek improvements in services by Birmingham City Council which have a legal and moral and ethical duty to provide unfortunately they are not, one of these services being the Library. Since 1995 we have made recommendations to improve this service, which fell on deaf ears. In the latter part of the 1990's we repeated our initial recommendations and were successful in a number of areas. This had a positive impact on the group.

 Unfortunately MPs and Councillors in Birmingham City Council been misled and given false information services surrounding children is a disgrace and they have been numerous threats by the Government to improve children's services, and vulnerable and disabled people are being poorly treated and if they manage to get a service it is of a polar and inappropriate one.

Birmingham City Library Services are currently failing illiterate and text disabled individuals specifically dyslexics so currently in 2013 they have misled their authority and are not following their own policies and procedures but more importantly telling the world what a wonderful job they are doing for disabled people they are not.

However hopefully badg will be able to highlight this move the issue forward diplomatically and with negotiation so that we can take this negative text down and give you all more positive news watch this space.

In approximately 2003 the library stepped back and we lost nearly all concessions and gains previously made. The group once more took up the challenge to reinstate the old concessions and new ones. One of those was to get the library to install text scanning, reading software and screen readers. We wait to see if this is taken on board and to see if the Central Library improves its services. To end on a positive note in this area we have been more successful with the Selly Oak Library and the four surrounding wards that are attempting to implement some of our recommendations.

2013 Selly Oak Library is still helping and supporting badg volunteers, members and visitors we have a lot of supportive assistive technology for accessing the written word unfortunately we do not have Internet access which leaves us in the unfortunate position of not being able to move our issues forward self educate and learn through the Internet.

 Ending on a positive note the relationship between members and staff is at a high both sides are learning from each other and we are positive that staff of the library have a better understanding and knowledge of our disability and difficulties unfortunately Birmingham City Council is not and does not recognise the positive contribution to stop members are making.

 Also due to the fact that the new Birmingham City Library at a cost of in excess of £189 million still cannot provide us with a service so  many of us are having to travel from one side of Birmingham all the way across to Selly Oak Library, well done Selly Oak Library.

Another initiative of badg is to improve the general accessibility of information by asking for all areas of Government and local Council information to be placed on audio as well as in the written form. We are having slow but positive progress in this area. Also in the past many dyslexics within and outside of our group have come up with good ideas and strategies in all areas of society and have freely given these to other organisations and groups. They have never been given recognition or credit for this. badg will give credit to any articles or successes that individuals have achieved. Send us your successes now.

There are lots of areas where the group can ask and fight for improvements but these challenges will be taken up when we move into our new office.

Watch this space for the positive impact badg has on society.

Dictated by William Ford chairperson of badg.
Written by an able bodied writer.

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