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What is accessible information?

People with dyslexia problems use a number of different methods to access information.

Although some will use face-to-face or over the phone conversation or use electronic format, CD audio, many others use different coloured paper including larger and different type font.

Why is it important to my organisation?

Providing accessible information to your dyslexia and illiterate customers will enhance your levels of customer service, giving your organisation a competitive advantage.

It will also form an integral part of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy.

Dyslexic and Illiterate customers are consistently reporting the frustration they feel when they are unable to access the services of an organisation directly.

Many dyslexic and illiterate people live alone or prefer not to have personal details, such as financial or health information, read aloud to them by someone else, such as a family member, friend or work colleague.

Having easy access to day-to-day information is a vital part of maintaining an independent


For many people with a dyslexic problem the way in which an organization communicates with them is a key factor when they are choosing between products and services.

If you are an employer of a dyslexic or illiterate person it is likely that your Equal Opportunities Policy or Disability Equality Scheme will demand that information such as pay slips, contracts and other day-to-day information is provided in an accessible format.

There are thousands of people with chronic dyslexia the UK and millions more who struggle to read small or standard print.

Some of these people may already be your customers, but many more have the potential to be.

We understand that you want to offer them the same high quality customer service and communication enjoyed by your literate customers, but may not be sure how to achieve this.

badg can work with you to produce written communications, from letters to websites, in formats

that are accessible to dyslexic and illiterate people.

These formats include CD audio/CD data files Word and PDF files, printed materials on different coloured papers supported by different font and larger size, accessible websites with stand-alone screen readers built in to the website.

We also offer website and print accessibility testing.


Supporting dyslexic 


illiterate people


For more information on this topic contact us on our helpline to discuss information and information packs.


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